Founder / Director of Photography

Out in the field, Belinda serves as the director of photography, but in the day to day affairs she also acts as the creative director and helps drive the artistic vision of the company. After earning a BFA from Salisbury University and an Art Education certification from University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Belinda Kilby taught for ten years in the Baltimore City Public School System. After creating art through a variety of media throughout her career, it was a natural progression to seek out a new untapped creative outlet, and aerial photography in the early 2000’s served that role. Together with her husband, Belinda co-founded Elevated Element. In addition to delivering first-rate aerial imagery and visualizations, Elevated Element also educates the public about drones. Belinda’s instructional writing and public speaking informs and inspires, allowing her to become an early voice and advocate for responsible aerial UAV photography and it’s many beneficial applications for users.

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