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Augmented view of Port Covington in Baltimore, MD

Augmented Aerial Imaging

Elevated Element is very proud to offer an exclusive line of services that we call Augmented Aerial Imaging (AAI). This service line came about in late 2015 when we began to explore how we could combine the diverse backgrounds of our staff and come up with something truly unique. Augmented Aerial Imaging is our effort […]


Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography has always been the driving force behind Elevated Element. The idea of capturing photos from a new and unique vantage point is what drew us into this technology and is still what pushes us in all aspects of the company today. We started our pursuit of Aerial Photography in 2009 and have had […]



Elevated Element has been capturing stunning aerial cinematography through out Maryland and beyond since 2010. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of extremely smooth, yet dynamic shots. This is achieved by employing a multi-person team for each production, such as a pilot, camera operator and production assistant; allowing each team member to focus […]

Full Color 3D Print of Whites Hall

3D Scanning

One of the most valuable applications in the drone world today is 3D scanning, otherwise known as Photogrammetry or Phodar. This is the process of collecting a vast array of images of a particular subject from all different angles, then using specialized software to reconstruct those images into a 3D model. In early 2013 Elevated […]

Aerial Map of Port Covington in Baltimore, MD

Aerial Mapping

Elevated Element is proud to have executed mapping services for two of the largest land development projects in the mid-atlantic region during the year of 2016. Aerial mapping is a service that uses UAVs to capture a vast array of overlapping images of a sight from a straight down perspective. These images are then reconstructed […]