What is Photogrammetry?


Point Cloud from a 3D Scan

Building from the success of our aerial photography, we branched out into 3D Photogrammetry. This is the act of photographing a subject from many different perspectives, then stitching those flat 2d images together into a 3d color object. Advanced software algorithms look through hundreds of photos and identify unique points in their 3D space. Common points are found from one photo to the next and allow the computer to restructure the subject into a point cloud. This is the first step in creating a water tight 3D model.

In 2015, Elevated Element launched a new subsidiary to handle large scale photogrammetry projects for commercial clients called Aerial Array. If you are looking for help with your 3D scanning project, give us a call or reach out through the contact form below.

From the point cloud we can ultimately create a watertight full color 3D model which can even be 3D printed.

We also have the ability to turn this technology towards larger subjects. Several 100 acres can be scanned at a time to create geo-referenced 3D maps of virtually any desired environment.