Elevated Element is proud to have executed mapping services for two of the largest land development projects in the mid-atlantic region during the year of 2016.

Aerial mapping is a service that uses UAVs to capture a vast array of overlapping images of a sight from a straight down perspective. These images are then reconstructed in a fashion that removes any distortion in a ortho rectified display, similar to satellite images.

Tradepoint Atlantic, formerly the home of Bethlehem Steel in Sparrows Point, MD, is a 3,100 acre property that was stripped to its foundation in order to be reinvented for the 21st century. The land owners planned for a rapid development of the property, and realized that traditional satellite imagery would not keep up with their pace. They recognized the need for more advanced aerial mapping techniques, such as those performed by UAVs, and reached out to us for help.

Another exciting development project in the state of Maryland is Port Covington, spearheaded by Under Armour CEO, Kevin Plank. This 270 acre parcel will effectively add an entirely new neighborhood to the city of Baltimore and serve as the future world headquarters for the sports apparel giant. Although aerial mapping was only one element of the services we provided for these projects, it serves as the foundation that will be built upon throughout the course of development.

Different sized properties required different techniques and aircraft. The mammoth 3,100 acre Tradepoint Atlantic saw the use of fixed wing aircraft that can cover hundreds of acres per flight while Port Covington was able to be mapped with a multirotor UAV. While the public facing maps show aerial imagery and CAD designs, client facing data also included topographic maps and digital elevation models (DEMs).


Interactive web map of Port Covington


Interactive web tool merges CAD, ortho, 3D & 360 pano content.