Elevated Element has been capturing stunning aerial cinematography through out Maryland and beyond since 2010. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of extremely smooth, yet dynamic shots. This is achieved by employing a multi-person team for each production, such as a pilot, camera operator and production assistant; allowing each team member to focus on their specific responsibility. We are comfortable operating independently or as an addition to your existing production team. We have a great deal of experience working on large sets for TV & Film. Often, our refined methods of operation are able to replace current cinematography equipment such as dollies, cranes and jibs. This saves your company time and money while still maintaining the highest level of cinematic quality.

While experience and an eye for composition is one large part of the equation, none of this would be possible without staying on the cutting edge of camera and stabilization technology. Advancements in aerial cinematography tech move at a lightning fast pace. Elevated Element stays plugged into the industry, and updates our fleet of aircraft and gimbals with each new advancement in the technology. We are happy to fly our own cameras or lift your imaging payload for shot consistency within your production. Directors are welcome to become a part of the aerial team as we provide dedicated ground station monitors for camera viewing in real time.