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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography has always been the driving force behind Elevated Element. The idea of capturing photos from a new and unique vantage point is what drew us into this technology and is still what pushes us in all aspects of the company today. We started our pursuit of Aerial Photography in 2010 and have had […]



What is Photogrammetry? Building from the success of our aerial photography, we branched out into 3D Photogrammetry. This is the act of photographing a subject from many different perspectives, then stitching those flat 2d images together into a 3d color object. Advanced software algorithms look through hundreds of photos and identify unique points in their […]

Aerial Array - Drone Software Development

Software Development

In 2015, Elevated Element expanded it’s brand with a new sister company, Aerial Array. This new venture was set up to focus primarily on the software needs of commercial clients & other aerial imaging companies. We are developing a suite of applications which will aid in the flight planning, data acquisition, processing and sharing of […]


Education Outreach

Since 2012, Elevated Element has been very active with community outreach programs. We try to get in front of the general public often to help educate them on what this technology is capable of. We have held Maker Camps for kids every summer and spend 2 weeks teaching them how to fly, design and build […]