Augmented Aerial Imaging

Elevated Element is very proud to offer an exclusive line of services that we call Augmented Aerial Imaging (AAI). This service line came about in late 2015 when we began to explore how we could combine the diverse backgrounds of our staff and come up with something truly unique. Augmented Aerial Imaging is our effort to merge the worlds of aerial cinematography, 3D modeling & animation, 360 panoramic photography and aerial surveying. The results are unlike anything else on the market today and fall into two main categories, augmented video and augmented panos.

Augmented video allows complex 3D models, such as those from an architectural firm, and places them into the context of a location as captured by aerial cinematography. We also employ some techniques used in aerial surveying to create a spatial awareness from the content of aerial video. The end product allows viewers to see high resolution 3D models placed seamlessly into stunning aerial video to create a level of realism that is simply not possible any other way. Imagine seeing your future development project placed in the direct context of your site as it sits today, seeing the real world surroundings as they actually exist. Everything in the environment is real, captured in 4k video, allowing your animated model to look all the more real as the camera pans across the site.

Augmented panos take several of the same principles and applies them to the world of 360 panoramic photography. We are able to place our UAVs on site and capture a full 360 x 360 panoramic image of the site, then merge your 3D models into the scene to show how your development will look upon completion, or at any stage along the process. These images are created in an ultra high definition fashion and able to be zoomed into showing an incredible level of detail. This media type can be viewed on a standard web browser where the scene is navigated by clicking and dragging the mouse, on a mobile device where the accelerometer can be used to look around the scene or on a Virtual Reality (VR) headset where the user simply has to “look around.”

Augmented Aerial Video Demo

Augmented 360 Panoramic Photo – Port Covington