Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC)

The AEC industry benefits from the use of UAV at every stage of their project life cycle. From the first conceptual designs of a property through the construction and operation, drones are a tool that are being utilized with substantial impact to productivity and the bottom line. Our clients leverage this emerging technology to create, among other things, awe inspiring mockups that paint their projects in the best possible light with a real world context. Long before the project ever breaks ground, we can provide you with the much needed visualization that shows your project as you see it in the future. We can combine multiple data sets into our aerial imagery, including CAD, 3D Architectural Models, information call outs and demographic data, to help tell your story. Aerial still photos, superHD 4K video and 360º panoramic photos can all be augmented to place your design into a real world environment with a user experience that caters towards your audience.

Below are a few examples of services that apply to each of the major milestones of a large scale construction project.