Aerial Photography

Capturing photos from a unique perspective is what drew us into this technology, and is still what pushes us in all aspects of the company today.

As artists and technologists, we have a passion for exploring ways to create something completely new. Elevated Element was among the first in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. One might say they started the drone craze in Baltimore. Our aerial photography has been featured in numerous local, national and global media outlets.

We employ the latest unmanned aerial vehicles, cameras and support technology to capture your vision in stunning, high-resolution detail. Our fleet includes a variety of the aircraft needed to best capture aerial image results that are best for the intended use or purpose. Here we provide some possible uses for aerial imagery; however, drone photography is only limited by your imagination. The sky is truly the limit. Sunrises and sunsets, golden light and seasonal changes along the horizon are seen in a new way, almost majestic or hallowed. The perfect exposure, composition and sharp focus make all the difference in showcasing an environment. Our advanced equipment is a big part of how we achieve the aerial results that we do, but it also comes down to the experience we have acquired in a wide range of situations.

Aerial imaging is a valuable tool for many industries. Below are some examples of real-world applications for aerial still photography. We also invite you to visit our aerial cinematography page as well to see some examples of Elevated Element’s dynamic UAV video work.

  • Progression Photos-- Document the full context of sites at regular intervals throughout the duration of the project execution to efficiently monitor progress of various build aspects.
  • Simulated Unit Views-- Show potential clients exactly what they can expect their view to look like from a specific elevation and perspective well before project completion.
  • Infrastructure/site Inspections-- Save labor hours, by safely getting to, and inspecting parts of structures that are difficult to reach from the ground. Complete more timely inspections within the allocated budget.
  • Marketing-- Aerial imaging is the ideal way to present commercial or residential structures, parcels of land and special events. Still images can even be merged to create 360-degree views that is supported on personal devices and in social media. Well-made photography from the aerial perspective creates a somewhat surreal effect that leaves a striking impression on the viewer. Send a desired message to your audience from the aerial point of view, and show ability to embrace innovation and emerging technologies.
  • Mapping/Modeling-- Now, high-resolution aerial maps, 3D models and complete environments are achievable! Maps and models tell a complete story. Let your imagination take flight, or consult with Elevated Element to brainstorm creative ways maps and modeling can be utilized for your endeavors. Volumetrics, virtual tours and 3D printed replicas are all great uses for aerial 3D modeling.
  • Scouting or Assessment—Obtain a clear overview of a structure or property line, and easily identify important subjects within an large area or specific location.

Below are a few examples of different ways Aerial Photography is being used today.