Elevated Element Crew

Elevated Element @ The Maryland Science Center

Pioneers in the civilian unmanned aircraft industry, the founders of Elevated Element have been designing, fabricating and flying aircraft since the late 2000’s. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, they have authored 2 books on the topic including the #1 new release Make: Getting Started With Drones. Their work has been featured in countless media outlets including National Geographic, CBS Sunday Morning and Entrepreneur Magazine. Over the years they have worked for top tier clients such as Nike, The US Army, The State Department and several TV and Film productions. Always evolving their craft, you will find a wide list of services that break away from the standard aerial photography you see at most other firms. Elevated Element will often combine several emerging technologies into a completely new product offering and has done work with Virtual Reality, 3D animation, 360° Video and Stills as well as web and mobile application development.

This example shows a combination of 3D Architectural Animation merged with Aerial Cinematography. The subject here is a proposed redevelopment of the Port Covington area of Baltimore. All 3D models were created from scratch and animated to show analysis, demolition and construction happen over a matter of seconds. Finally, the 3D model is motion tracked into the aerial video to provide seamless merger of the two different media types. The final result is something that you will only find at Elevated Element.

Another example of Elevated Element’s unique services is shown below in a web application designed for Tradepoint Atlantic. This project was executed under the new Aerial Array subsidiary that was spun up in 2015 to handle large commercial clients with application development needs. You will notice that we were able to merge orthomosaic, CAD, 360° Photo and 3D datasets into one easy to consume web application. This map is on display in the Tradepoint Atlantic marketing center with plans to go public in the coming months.