3D Scanning

One of the most valuable applications in the drone world today is 3D scanning, otherwise known as Photogrammetry or Phodar. This is the process of collecting a vast array of images of a particular subject from all different angles, then using specialized software to reconstruct those images into a 3D model. In early 2013 Elevated Element was contacted by Direct Dimensions, a world leader in photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning, to explore how drones could be used in their scanning workflow. This turned out to be the beginning of a rewarding relationship where Direct Dimensions have been both a mentor and partner on several high profile projects and case studies.

web-3dscanningIn the years since, Elevated Element has gone on to work on projects that range in size from thousands of acres to a single standing structure. Our 3D scanning has been used by clients working in TV & Film, archeology, land development, engineering and historic preservation. Not all drone photogrammetry models are created equal. We have worked tirelessly over the years to develop our own proprietary capture and processing methods to ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. We pride ourselves on processing all of our models in house and can even prepare them for full color 3D printing at the client’s request.

Elevated Element has become a proven thought leader in this space and as such, routinely travels the country to speak on the topic at various conferences and symposiums.

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Compton Bassett

Historic Ellicott City